Earth Observation 2.0

For over 50 years the Earth has been photographed by scientific & defense satellites, but now a new commercial era of big Earth Observation data is upon us.  New constellations of low-cost remote sensing Satellites & drones are delivering a daily deluge of Earth imagery at unprecedented levels of spatial, spectral & temporal detail, at volumes not previously encountered. Bringing new opportunities to take the pulse of Planet Earth, from the human to the global scale!

Making Sense of Big EO Data

Terrabotics makes sense of a new wave of Earth Observation imagery, at scale. We develop & deploy smart proprietary algorithms to rapidly transform massive volumes of Earth Observation imagery, video & sensor data into actionable terrain intelligence & useful analytical services, guided by our team's expert oversight and deep domain experience in satellite imagery and end-user applications.

Actionable Terrain Intelligence

Terrabotics fuses intelligent automation solutions and expert oversight with an abundant supply of low cost Earth Observation imagery, via our global satellite partner network. This enables the routine and scalable mapping, measuring & monitoring of remote assets, operations and the environment for Natural Resources sectors such as Oil & Gas, Mining, Renewable Energy, Commodities and beyond...

Core Products & Capabilities

Our Space:Cloud:Earth:Analytics super-pixel engine transforms Earth Observation big data into value-added products and information

High Precision 3D Terrain Mapping

We rapidly transform terabytes of satellite, aerial and UAV/drone imagery into very high precision true 3D terrain data and 2.5D digital elevation models.

Our Space | Cloud | EarthTM image processing pipeline generates the most detailed and accurate digital terrain elevation data possible from high resolution imagery, and all at lightning speeds.

Use to plan activities such as large-scale exploration surveys; right-of-way routing; model flooding & hydrology; large infrastructure site selection; and many other terrain critical activities... [More...]

Rapid Change Detection

We perform rapid time-series analysis on image and video sequences collected from  satellite, aerial and UAV/drone platforms to automatically detect & identify environmental and man-made changes to the Earth's surface.

Our Space | Cloud | EarthTM image processing engine utilizes the fastest, most precise and robust method ever developed to automatically map changes. It is the product of more than 15 years of R&D into image registration and correlation methods.

Use to regularly monitor activities such as encroachment on key infrastructure & assets i.e. pipeline or powerlines; baseline & record environmental changes; observe & analyse global industrial activity to inform market decisions and more... [More...]

Our Clients

Terrabotics delivers cutting-edge products to a number of forward-thinking clients around the world, who are leaders in their respective sectors. Using our EO analytics products we have helped them make better commercial and operational decisions, improving safety and efficiency and saving time and significant costs.

Key Partnerships

Cutting edge R&D is in our DNA. Spun-out from more than a decade of research at World-leading research institutions, Terrabotics is at the forefront of modern Earth Observation and Remote Sensing data processing. Our work has enjoyed the advantage of strong partnerships, collaboration and support from a number of key organisations and institutions such as Innovate UK, Imperial College London, MoD Defence Technology Centres, EPSRC, WintonLabs and the Royal Academy of Engineering to name a just few.

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