Terrabotics is made up of a truly international team of start-up professionals, engineers and scientists dedicated to making sense a new generation of Earth Observation big image data to solve real-world problems at scale.

We work at the intersection of Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Geospatial and Space technologies and we’re looking for more highly talented and motivated individuals to join us on our mission.

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We are looking for an excellent Artificial Intelligence (Machine and Deep Learning) & Computer Vision software engineer to join our Intelligent Vision R&D team. We are particularly seeking someone with a very strong interest and significant experience in image processing and computer vision coupled with Machine and Deep Learning.

Location: Central/SW London

Job Description:

  • Write and code new algorithms and computer software for specialist automatic processing and intelligent information extraction from  digital images acquired from aerial and satellite sensors. For example, tasks include 2D/3D computer vision and machine learning/artificial intelligence algorithm implementation and development for object recognition in aerial imagery.
  • Examine existing machine and deep learning image recognition algorithms to determine requirements/feasibility for creating new more efficient and scalable systems.
  • Design and develop novel software algorithms to solve image processing problems in light of business requirements.
  • Test, benchmark and correct/de-bug software programmes
  • Work with a team of software developers in an Agile software production environment.
  • Share software project management duties with the development team
  • Write operational documentation and provide support and training for other team members and users.

Skills and Qualifications required:

  • A background in Computer/Robot Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing or a similar advanced image processing subject to at least PhD or Post-doc level or with equivalent relevant work experience.
  • Recent demonstrable experience (e.g publications and actual demos) of setting-up, training and successfully running machine and deep learning algorithms for image recognition.
  • A solid track record of publishing scientific and technical publications in international journals
  • Demonstrable experience in C/C++ programming and algorithm design. Additionally, experience in GPU programming such as CUDA and/or OpenCL is highly desirable. Python or similar experience is required for scripting & rapid prototyping. Ideally in a Linux environment.
  • Strong ability in mathematics and statistics.
  • Experience in managing collaborative software projects using agile/scrum methods would be desirable.
  • Experience in collaborative best practices such as code version control and data management.
  • An innovative and problem-solving mindset, ready to tackle new problems and make game-changing solutions as part of the team and as an individual.
  • Excellent communication skills, written, verbal and over emails/telephone.

Personal Characteristics:

  • Enthusiastic and committed to get under the skin of a problem, until a solution is found.
  • A relentless pursuit of excellence in your own and the team’s work
  • Plenty of initiative and self-drive to motivate yourself and others around you.
  • Adaptable and a fast-learner

Contract Type: Initial Fixed-Term 6 month Contract (with possibility of permanent extension) .

Salary: Competitive salary (dependent up skills and experience)

Potential Starting Dates: Q1 or Q2 2018

Application Instructions: Please send a cover email, your CV and a demo or example of your relevant work to jobs

We are looking for modern geographers, software developers and map designers to join our team and help us to manage, analyse, visualise and serve the large amounts of imagery and mapping data that we process everyday.
We are specifically looking for geo-aware software engineers who can develop new GIS software, rather than a traditional GIS analyst/user of off-the-shelf GIS software.

We are open to discuss the position with either front-end developer, back-end developer or all-rounder. We need you to have start-up spirit and desire to create something beautiful and useful.


Home office

Job description:

  • Develop high performance and responsive front-end and/or back-end web mapping software applications
  • Create efficient processes to manage large geospatial vector and raster datasets at scale
  • Keep an eye on new technologies
  • Learn from others and by your own
  • Share your knowledge with the team

Skills and Qualifications required or desirable:

  • Solid understanding of JavaScript and/or Java.
  • Experience with frameworks such as OpenLayers, Angular 2, Webpack, Spring, REST, Bootstrap.
  • Working knowledge of GIS tools such as Geoserver, GeoWebCache, PostgreSQL, PostGIS.
  • A proven ability to develop & apply open source web geospatial technologies. Please show us with some examples of your work.
  • You know how to setup, deploy and maintain a map server and related web/cloud services.
  • An excellent eye for designing beautiful maps and user experiences.
  • Experience with javascript frameworks for 2D and 3D visualisations such as D3 and WebGL.
  • Solid Python, GDAL or similar skills for scripting and batching large geospatial processing tasks on and offline.
  • You are “geodetically aware” and know datums, projections and what to check when things go wrong…
  • Experience with handling and processing very large raster datasets and point clouds would be an advantage.
  • An innovative and problem-solving mindset, ready to tackle new problems, learn new things and make game-changing solutions as part of the team and as an individual.
  • It would be beneficial to have some understanding of Amazon Web Services.
  • Experience with other languages, tools and frameworks is a plus.

Contract Type:

Fixed-Term 6 months (with possibility of extension)


Competitive salary & perks (dependent up skills and experience)

Starting Date:

Q4 2017

Application Instructions:

Please send a cover email, your CV and a demo or example of your relevant work to Petr Vopenka @ jobs. Short-listed applicants will be contacted for interview.