Advanced satellite data analytics
Energy & mining expertise

Delivering near-to-real-time competitive, market and operational intelligence. Our customers are energy and mining companies as well as commodities traders, hedge funds, governments and regulators.

we provide our clients with a new information edge on global supply chains.

competitive, commerical and operational intelligence

PADS™ and MINOTOR™ provide unique and timely information for market analysts, traders, investors, energy operators and regulators.

How It Works

Our unique algorithms and artificial intelligence make sense of raw satellite data, quickly turning it into meaningful outputs for our clients.

Data Collection
Artificial Intelligence

Data Collection

Satellite image, video and sensor data is collected

Our satellite data is sourced from a range of partners such as government space agencies and private commercial or semi-commercial satellite companies. In total we have access to data from over 250 satellites.


Automation algorithms processes the visual data

Utilising image recognition technology, similar to that used in the development of automated vehicles, we can rapidly read thousands of images, identifying objects, assets, terrain types, infrastructure and hazards unseen by the human eye. This is refined into large data-sets for analysis.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence rapidly produce detailed analysis

Our unique artificial intelligence automates the analysis of these data-sets, quickly identifying changes in the environment, potential natural and manmade hazards and evidence of increased resource production. In addition, our software accurately measures production volumes, assesses global supply levels and tracks drilling and mining site infrastructure.


Insightful, structured intelligence is delivered

Through our products, services and solutions we provide a range of outputs, such as, regular industry reports, 3D terrain maps for project planning and access to almost real-time information through our online analytics dashboard. Additionally, we can supply structured data for internal analysis and live data feeds into our clients own software.

Our Core Technologies

We’ve built and deployed a range of our own superior technologies that power our products and solutions.

3D Terrain Mapping

We rapidly transform terabytes of high-resolution satellite, aerial and UAV/drone imagery into high precision true 3D terrain data and digital elevation models.

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Smart Change Detection

We perform rapid time-series analysis on image and video sequences collected from satellite, aerial and UAV/drone platforms to automatically detect and identify environmental and man-made changes to the Earth's surface.

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Image Super Resolution

We use imagery point clouds collected from satellite, aerial and UAV/drone platforms to create super resolution imagery that gives added insight to activities on the ground.

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Spectral and Geometric Object Classification

We combine A.I, computer vision and remote sensing methods to identify objects of interest on the ground from imagery collected from satellite, aerial and UAV/drone platforms.

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Our Markets

We work across three core sectors, providing access to superior and more timely insight and analytics – helping to reduce risk, improve decision making, increase transparency and reduce costs.


Whether you’re a commodities trader , investor or economist , we’ll give you a competitive edge. By providing access to more advanced, accurate and timely information will help you improve decision making, increase efficiency and better anticipate the oil, gas and mining markets.


Access to our unique data and analytics will help you better predict and plan complex projects reducing risk and minimising your operational and environmental footprint. We’ll keep you one step ahead, so you can prevent unexpected losses, improve operational efficiencies and reduce investment risk.

Governments & Organisations

Our advanced capabilities give governments , regulators and NGOs better oversight and understanding of commodity supply chains. We help them to better audit and inventory their vital natural resources, providing transparency to trade deals, foster industry growth and better allocate government resources.

Our Clients

We’re proud to be working with some of the world’s most innovative and forward-thinking companies.

Our solutions are helping them make better commercial and operation decisions; while improving safety and efficiencies while saving time and cost.