Geological Surface Mapping

Exploiting the rise in low cost and freely available multi-spectral satellite image datasets, we leverage our advanced algorithms to generate super-enhanced spectral data for vastly improved surface geological and land-cover mapping.

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Remotely, non-invasively and rapidly assess landcover

Our in-house core algorithms create enhanced analysis-ready spectral maps to better identify land-cover classes such as rock types, water bodies and vegetation to the highest possible spectral precision and accuracy.

These satellite-derived cloud-free base-maps help remotely, non-invasively and rapidly asses landcover for better planning of geological and geophysical surveys as well as construction activity and logistics.

Case Studies

We have delivered products and services to help over 30 clients with their operations and project, globally. Such as geohazard mapping, environmental baseline creation and remediation, as well as mineral geological mapping.

Sabkha Soil Identification Oman

Sabkha Soil Identification Oman

• Automatically Identifies Sabkas soils
(hard and soft terrains)
• Rapid and low cost
• Accessible Data
(that can be extracted into third-party mapping software)
• Eliminates unnecessary field work
• Superior Quality
• Reduces operational costs
• Provides HSE insight
• Improves safety
• Provides additional data
(allowing for better planning of seismic surveys and operational efforts)

Neuquén Basalt mapping, Argentina

Neuquén Basalt mapping, Argentina

• Targeted spectral analysis of basalt cinder-cones
• Helped to better plan seismic survey
(avoiding basalt cinder-cones)
• Rapid and Low cost delivery of data
• Highly accurate
• Superior Quality
• Eliminates unnecessary field work
• Increases safety at survey site

Key Features

Global Coverage

10-30m resolution

Targeted analysis of geological surface features

Human and Machine Analysis Ready (Multi-spectral dataset)

Quantitative spectral analysis

Composite of images acquired from 2014 - present

Delivered as geospatial map-ready datasets in a variety of formats

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