Rapid Change and Motion detection

We perform rapid time-series analysis on image and video sequences collected from satellite and aerial platforms to automatically detect and identify environmental and man-made changes to the Earth’s surface.

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Identify changes through time or space

Our in-house, core algorithm performs automatic change detection and motion tracking with the highest possible sub-pixel precision and accuracy. We can deliver this service to identify change detection through time or space, allowing you to find temporal and/or one-off events that may affect normal operational activities. This can help you better plan complex operations and identify targets of concern, or quickly spot dynamic environments that could potentially impede or threaten your project.


We have delivered products and services to help over 30 clients with their operations and project, globally. Such as geohazard mapping, encroachment monitoring, environmental baseline monitoring and remediation.

We can quickly identify the progress of activities such as pipeline construction, development of activities on the ground or where problems/issues arise that can only be seen from space.

Motion Tracking of Sand Dunes

Motion Tracking of Sand Dunes

  • Provides temporal geospatial insight
  • Gives overview of a changing environment
  • Highly accurate and timely
  • Accessible Data
    (that can be extracted into third-party mapping software)
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Provide HSE insight
  • Improves safety
  • Provides additional data
    (allowing for better planning of seismic surveys and operational efforts)

Forestry Analysis at Seismic Survey Site

Forestry Analysis at Seismic Survey Site

  • Targeted temporal analysis of tree damage
  • Provides record for remediation work
  • Fast analysis turn-around
    (from a few hours to a few days)
  • Cost Effective (reducing manual work hours on the ground)
  • Increases safety at survey site

Coastal Erosion

Coastal Erosion

  • Targeted temporal analysis of coastal erosion
  • Provides visual tool to monitor and track targeted areas
  • Fast analysis turn-around
    (from a few hours to a few days)
  • Cost Effective

4D Volumetric Stock/Waste pile pit inventory

4D Volumetric Stock/Waste pile pit inventory

  • Actively monitor site conditions
  • Ensure site safety by identifying areas of potential slope failure
  • Remotely monitor potentially hazardous sites
  • Provide consistent data for updating risk models
  • Cost Effective

Pipeline Construction Progress

Pipeline Construction Progress

Monitor five stages of pipeline construction:

  • Right of Way Clearing
  • Trenching
  • Stringing, Coating and Welding
  • Testing
  • Backfilling

Encroachment of 3rd party activities on operations

Encroachment of 3rd party activities on operations

  • Understand your land ownership with constant and effective monitoring
  • Get Alerts when areas are encroached
  • Get Archive information about site history and monitor potential conflicts

Key Features

Rapid identification

Quickly identify surface changes with daily, weekly or monthly satellite imagery

Continual monitoring

Targeted analysis of changing environments that can be easily mapped and continually monitored over long periods

Automatic assessment

Our automatic algorithms assess 1000’s of satellite images in seconds

Smart object recognition

Indiscriminately detects changes of interest as a precursor to smart object recognition

Map-ready datasets

Delivered as geospatial map-ready datasets in a variety of formats

PDF Reports

Change detection reports are supplied in PDF format

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