MinotorTM is a 4D Mine Volumetrics and Area monitoring solution. It uses satellite imagery combined with our advanced 3D mapping technology to provide a mining stockpile and excavation monitoring dashboard for open cast mines. Additionally, it provides intelligence on the status of mining operations, such as volumes of stockpiled material, to mine managers, regulators and metals traders.

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Added transparency to an opaque supply chain

We provide economists, traders and miners with more accurate & timely knowledge of global metal stocks to manage production and predict prices more reliably. Since metal prices fluctuate due to unpredictable supply and demand, we can help bring added transparency at source, to an otherwise opaque supply chain.


MinotorTM provides a near-real-time weekly, monthly and quarterly audits of open pits, stock and waste pile volumes as well as slopes heights and depths. This is a subscription-based solution that enables the end user to monitor, measure and better understand operations and mining assets around the world.

Core Benefits

Subscription based platform

Minotor is a subscription-based service accessed through web-dashboard and delivers PDF reports

Monthly reports and statistics

Monthly reports, streamed mapping data and statistics are accessed from anywhere with our web-based dashboard.

Global Coverage

Visual analytics dashboard illustrates the rate of change for new oil drilling sites and production rates for the world’s most active oil and gas basin.

A range of metrics

Using global satellite data we can offer unrivalled coverage.

A comprehensive and independent inventory

The only global dataset that can provide a truly comprehensive and independent mining stockpile inventory.

Accurate stockpile volumes

Easily report accurate stockpile shape and volumes for company operational mine management and accounting purposes.

Maintain safety

Maintain the safety of your on-site staff and prevent accidents from stock and waste pile slope failure.

More efficient recourses

Reduce time and cost, whilst ensuring safety standards are met, by monitoring slope erosion and gradients with our technology, rather than traditional means.

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