A weekly oil field infrastructure activity detection and reporting dashboard to provide oil firms, energy investors, and traders with competitive intelligence. Using weekly satellite imagery, our change detection technology and A.I object recognition PADSTM detects and counts key oil field infrastructure such as well pads, pipelines and roads.

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A competitive advantage for energy analysts

PADSTM provides near-real-time oil field activity mapping and hotspot statistics, at least 80 days ahead of conventional reporting schedules. This includes monitoring and inventorying of well site construction, production, water pits, pipelines, lease encroachment and even flaring.

Applications & Features

We track Oil and Gas activity using automated image analysis of fresh satellite image feeds delivered every 5 – 14 days, automated detection of changes and the identification of key oil infrastructure across major operating areas.

Core Benefits

Competitive advantage

Provides A.I driven insights 80 days ahead of traditional data providers.

Near-real-time monitoring

Offers near-real-time, weekly inventory of new drilling sites, water pits, pipelines, roads and production activity.

User-friendly interface

Visual analytics dashboard illustrates the rate of change for new oil drilling sites and production rates for the world’s most active oil and gas basin.

A range of metrics

PADSTM delivers the size and shape of well pads, length of new roads as well as other metrics.

Reports on the go

Our web-dashboard delivers monthly reports, streamed mapping data and statistics on the move, from any device.

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