Unbeatable expertise in geomatics, image processing, artificial intelligence and data science, infused with decades of industry and field experience.

Our Core Technologies

Unique algorithms, data analytics and artificial intelligence that rapidly converts raw satellite imagery data into valuable commercial insight.

3D Terrain Mapping

Accurate 3D models are an essential tool during the life-cycle of any exploration, development or earthwork project. Used to plan large-scale exploration surveys, right-of-way routing, model flooding and hydrology, large infrastructure site selection and many other terrain critical activities.

Throughout the planning, management and decommissioning stages of any project, 3D digital terrain models are a crucial tool in mitigating and planning for any above-ground risks before they occur, keeping both infrastructure and human resources out of harm's way.

Leveraging our unique sub-pixel image registration technology we are able to generate the most detailed and accurate digital terrain elevation models possible from UAV and satellite imagery.

3D Terrain Mapping
Smart Change Detection

Smart Change Detection

Frequent satellite or UAV monitoring over the most actively developed natural resource regions on the planet allows you to be the first to know, and react.

With ready access to an increasingly vast array of commercial satellites, it is now possible to capture changes to oil fields, pipelines, roads or mining sites on a near weekly to daily basis. Combined with our smart change detection algorithms, we can deliver timely and accurate information over any visible location on Earth.

Smart Change Detection automatically detects and monitors activities on the Earth’s surface. It detects encroachment on key infrastructure and assets (such as pipelines or powerlines), records environmental changes and observes global industrial activity – helping to inform market and operational decisions.

Image Super Resolution

Accurate and high-resolution satellite imagery used to be the sole preserve of governments.

Our sub-pixel registration technology can convert multiple standard-resolution images from any satellite source and convert them into a single high-resolution composite.

Within these images it is possible to resolve persistent features at a sub-metre scale at a fraction of the price of purpose-bought high-resolution satellite or UAV imagery.

Image Super Resolution
Geometric and Spectral Object Classification

Geometric and Spectral Object Classification

Using advanced A.I that excels at the classification of vehicles or changes in road and infrastructure usage, we can report timely activity data with significant lead time over conventional supply and production metrics.

Using multispectral analysis we can detect, collate and report flaring and thermal activity over major refineries, factories or even the total array of production wells in a region.

Our unique service


Long-established partnerships with numerous satellite operators provides us ready access to archive and up-to-date satellite imagery, at competitive pricing.

Proprietary Technology

All core technologies are developed in-house, and can be adapted to handle new and specific needs for any project.

Customisable web-mapping interface

All geospatial and analytical products are viewable in a web browser on desktop or tablet. No need for proprietary 3rd party software.

Natural resources experts

Decades of experience in natural resources drives our strong focus to find the best technical solutions and deliver information that matters.

High precision and accuracy

Survey-grade data that captures even the subtlest of terrain features.

Global coverage

Instant access to the whole world mapped with a 5 metre grid spaced digital terrain model.

Extraordinary detail

4 to 1 metre grid spaced digital terrain models generated on-demand.

A range of formats

Digital surface models (DSM), digital terrain models (DTM) and 2.5D elevation models delivered with full specification.

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