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Join our Mission to Unleash the Commercial Evolution of Earth Observation!



Terrabotics is a UK based Earth Observation and Remote Sensing data analytics company with a mission to shine a new light on energy, oil & gas, and metals supply chains using satellite earth observation, remote sensing, and advanced IoT geospatial data analytics.

We remotely map, measure, monitor, and ultimately help better manage the production and supply of the World's most vital natural resources. Through the power of planetary-scale measurements and data analytics we empower these industries to operate in a more cost efficient, socially responsible, and environmentally sustainable way.

Established in early 2014, Terrabotics is founded by seasoned specialists in Satellite Remote Sensing who have successfully traversed professional Earth Observation careers in academic research, defence sectors, major energy, and mining companies to build a leading environmental and industrial analytics company that is obsessed with solving truly valuable and impactful customer problems with the power of Earth Observation data and technologies. 

Our clients span major corporates, government bodies, NGO's, and intergovernmental organisations who care about improving supply chain transparency for natural resources such as energy, metals, forestry, and water.



We're re-imagining the commercial applications of Earth Observation, specifically within the critical sectors of Natural Resources, Energy, Mining, and Environment. Pioneering the “Commercial Evolutionary Phase” of this evolving field, we're bridging the gap between technical prowess in Earth Observation, Remote Sensing, and robust commercial acumen. We champion a culture of sustainable, profitable, and client-first service and solutions to deliver real value to end-users.

We are always delighted to hear from "Earth Observation Pioneers" who can join our Client Solutions team. Individuals who are ready to navigate the intricate intersection of commerce, technology, and earth observation with precision and enthusiasm. Our opportunities range from experienced Earth Observation Consultants to dynamic Solutions Analysts, and all are integral to building a formidable elite force to pave the way for a truly scalable commercial Earth Observation industry.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding apprentice, Terrabotics offers a career path that fosters growth, innovation, and constant learning. Here, you'll be part of exciting, groundbreaking client projects and will be encouraged to shape your role, earn your keep, and make a real-world impact from day one. 

If you're passionate about contributing to the vanguard of Earth Observation technology and its commercial applications in key sectors, we invite you to explore our open and/or upcoming positions below. Join us as we forge the future of truly commercial and industrial Earth Observation together - be a part of our pioneering journey!


"Everything you do must start with the Customer and work backwards"


Associate Solutions Consultants

[Freelance] [Global] [Remote]

We’re building a global Associate Partner Network of like-minded consultants who have a passion for making commercial Earth Observation happen. 

This role is perfect for an individual who enjoys the freedom of freelancing and is eager to apply their comprehensive knowledge of Earth Observation and Remote Sensing in a commercial setting. As an Associate Consultant, you will have opportunities to work with Terrabotics’ project teams to provide additional ad hoc support and/or leadership to develop and implement tailored client-facing solutions that add value and solve real-world problems. 

This is typically ad hoc, temporary, and freelance work driven by client demand and specific project tenders when Terrabotics requires more hands on-deck or particular domain expertise. We’re looking for highly-capable consultants to join our register of pre-approved Associates, so that we can quickly and efficiently share potential opportunities as and when they arise. 

If you have commercial remote sensing project experience and would like to join our Associate Partner Network, more details can be found
here in due course [opening Q4 2023].

In the meantime, we welcome speculative enquiries via the Contact Us form below.

Keywords: Remote Sensing, GIS, Freelance, Consultant, Earth Science, Environment, Projects.

Earth Observation Client Solutions Consultant

[Staff] [12-month Initial Fixed Term] [UK-wide] [Hybrid / Remote / London or Edinburgh] [Experienced Professionals]

The Earth Observation Client Solutions Consultant sits at the very centre of Terrabotics’ project business as the driving and pioneering force to spearhead commercialisation of Remote Sensing and Geospatial technologies. In this core role, you will scout business opportunities, build and maintain relationships, develop and propose technically feasible and commercially viable solutions for customers, and manage and execute client projects. Your ability to create reusable business assets, engage in thought leadership, and mentor your team and peers will be crucial for this position, as well as simply being able to get projects done on time, on budget, and to spec by delivering hands-on technical outcomes. Your primary objective is to consistently provide exceptional value and impact to our clients.

This full-stack professional role is a hybrid, hands-on, commercial and technical function, requiring deep knowledge of geospatial remote sensing satellite data, methods, and software coupled with commercial business acumen to price and spec jobs competitively and appropriately for clients and our business. You will be rewarded based on your ability to serve customers' technical needs, create value, and capture project-based incomes to fuel the business and pay your way.

It’s our thesis at Terrabotics that the successful evolution and progress of the commercial Remote Sensing sector requires elite task-forces of such full-stack professionals to pioneer commercial pathways to unlock a truly sustainable and growth-ready sector!

Crucially, you will already have a deep understanding, and/or be able to quickly and  enthusiastically immerse yourself, in the Natural Resources, Sustainable Finance, and/or Environmental sectors to fully empathise with the goals, needs, wants, and requirements of Terrabotics' Customer base. 

Keywords: Solution ideation, Remote Sensing, GIS, Photogrammetry, Spectral Analysis, Image Processing, Project Management, Energy, Mining, Oil & Gas, Business Development, Partnerships, Customer Relationships, Building New Customer relationships, Front-Office.

A full Job Description and application instructions can be found here in due course [opening Q4 2023]. 


In the meantime, we welcome speculative enquiries via the Contact Us form below.

Earth Observation Client Solutions Analyst

[Staff] [12-month Initial Fixed Term] [UK-wide] [Hybrid / Remote / London or Edinburgh] [Early-to-Mid Career]

As a Client Solutions Analyst, you're at the heart of our operations, working in close harmony with our Solutions Consultants, responding to incoming customer enquiries, and ensuring that our projects are delivered to the highest standard, on time, to spec, and on budget.

As an Analyst, you will play a pivotal role proactively serving clients, writing proposals, building quotations, fuelling marketing content, and ultimately performing advanced remote sensing and geospatial analyses. This role requires a solid base knowledge in standard commercial remote sensing methods, satellite data sources, and geospatial software tools. Your ability to delight clients, create or improve reusable business processes and assets, and proactively learn will be instrumental to your success.

This role is an excellent growth opportunity, with a clear pathway to evolve into a Solutions Consultant as you gain experience and expand your expertise. At Terrabotics the Analyst will gain an absolutely unrivalled experience of numerous and varied client projects from all over the world (we work on hundreds of different projects and locations), equipping you with a practical education in Satellite Remote Sensing that money simply cannot buy! 

This role will set anyone up to be the future pioneers of the commercial Remote Sensing sector - becoming a "Full-Stack Earth Observation" professional. 

Key phrases: Solution Implementation, Maintaining Existing Customer Relationships, Enquiry handling, Customer Service, Customer Support, Project Delivery, Remote Sensing, Image Processing, Photogrammetry, GIS, Spectral Analysis, Project Management, Front-Office.

A full Job Description and application instructions can be found here in due course [opening Q4 2023]. 


In the meantime, we welcome speculative enquiries via the Contact Us form below.

Apprentice Earth Observation Analyst (Traineeship) | EO Pioneers Programme

[Staff] [12-month Initial Fixed Term] [UK-wide] [Hybrid / London or Edinburgh] [Graduate or Career Change]

Join our Trainee EO Pioneers Programme and get a front-row seat to the exciting world of Earth Observation and Remote Sensing. Work on real client projects, receive structured training, and prove your potential as you learn and grow within our dynamic team.


To help evolve the nascent Earth Observation sector from it's scientific research and government defence roots, towards a truly commercial and sustainable sector that can pay it's own way, Earth Observation Pioneers are required to ideate, create, and deliver solutions to real customers. The modern Earth Observation professional today, must posses key competencies in technical remote sensing,  geospatial tools, programming, marketing and communication, commercial proposal preparation, modern project management, and more to be effective contributors.  This vital combination of  skills cannot be taught by universities or gained within the bowels of a research lab.

Our Apprenticeship Programme is designed for recent graduates or early career professionals. As an apprentice, you will learn all aspects of becoming a complete Earth Observation and Remote Sensing professional from leaders in the field who have pioneered the way. If successful, you will learn the art and science of solving a myriad of client problems with remote sensing data and methods, and able to do this in an economically and commercially viable way to deliver value to clients, capture income for the business, and ensure that you are building a sustainable role for yourself.  

Successful graduates from the Apprenticeship Programme, who have mastered the full commercial and technical stack of core competencies, may then go on to become Analysts and/or Consultants right at the sharp end of project delivery and forging valuable customer relationships.


Keywords: Customer-first mindset, Trainee, Remote Sensing, GIS, Photogrammetry, Spectral Analysis, Image Processing, Customer Service, Commercial Operations, Front-Office.


More details about this programme and how to express your interest can be found here in due course.

In the meantime, we welcome speculative enquiries via the Contact Us form below.

Earth Observation Internships (Autumn/Spring/Summer) 

[Temporary] [2 to 3-month Terms] [UK-wide] [Hybrid / Remote / London or Edinburgh] [Students & New Graduates]

[Open to Speculative Applications]

At Terrabotics, a renowned Earth Observation Data Solutions company, we regularly offer seasonal internships to bright and passionate students from leading UK and international universities who share our dedication to Earth Observation and its environmental applications. We encourage Undergraduate, Masters or PhD students specialising in fields such as Computer Science, Physics, Earth Sciences, or Data Science to join our dynamic team and experience working on real-world projects.

Our internships provide an excellent opportunity for students to apply their academic knowledge to practical, meaningful work in the field of Earth Observation. While we regularly advertise specific projects throughout the year, we also warmly welcome speculative interest and enquiries at any time.

Whether you're interested in a specific project or seeking a broader experience in Earth Observation technology, a Terrabotics internship is an invaluable step in your career path, offering hands-on experience in an innovative and forward-thinking company. If you're eager to contribute to our mission and learn from seasoned professionals, we'd love to hear from you.

Keywords: Trainee, Remote Sensing, GIS, Photogrammetry, Spectral Analysis, Image Processing, Customer Service, Commercial Operations


Find more details about these programme and how to express your interest, see here


Business Operations Associate

[Part-Time/Full-Time] [12-Months Initial Fixed Term] [UK-wide] [Hybrid / Remote / London or Edinburgh]

As a Business Operations Associate at Terrabotics, you will serve as a critical cornerstone to our operations. This role involves a wide array of financial, administrative, and project budgeting duties, closely collaborating with our CEO, Lead Consultants, and Project Leads to ensure our operations run smoothly and effectively.


Your responsibilities range from managing financial operations, such as supporting bookkeeping and payroll, to participating in project management tasks like financial tracking and budget planning. In addition, you will play a role in gathering, analysing, and reporting on essential marketing, sales, and business metrics and KPIs. You will also be entrusted with our corporate document administration and curation of key business assets, including IP and workflow and process documentation.


This role calls for an individual with sharp attention to detail, superior organisational skills, and the capacity to handle confidential and commercially sensitive information with the highest level of discretion. Your proficiency in Xero, Excel, Sharepoint, MS Teams, Outlook, and Office 365 is crucial. Prior experience in financial forecasting, budgeting, stakeholder management, and project management will provide a strong foundation for success in this role.


By joining our team, you will be immersed in numerous business operations, gaining a unique insight into our business and making a direct contribution to our growth and efficiency.

Keywords: Business Administration, Budget control, Metrics tracking, Reporting, Forecasting, Project Management.


A full Job Description and application instructions can be found here in due course [opening Q4 2023]. 


In the meantime, we welcome speculative enquiries via the Contact Us form below.



Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and any new pioneering business that intends to be sustainable, require exceptional individuals who are consciously capable of creating more than enough business value to cover their individual costs to the Company, and then go onto drive growth. No matter whether you are a trainee or seasoned professional, arriving with this mindset from Day 1 and making a concerted effort to fully understand exactly how you and your role will make an impact is of paramount importance for a sustainable role within this sector. Individuals who seek out their own and the company's key performance indicators and success metrics, to measure and gauge performance, will set themselves up well for success.  

Terrabotics has been able to build a sustainable and profitable business over the past 10 years, by being true to this mindset. Each team member understands how their individual work generates business income, covers their costs, builds growth and generates rewards. There are no passengers on the ship, we all propel the vessel forwards while keeping it ship-shape!




Good People: We're positive realists, confident in our abilities, yet humble, honest, naturally helpful and empathetic. We don't work in silos, but instead champion collaboration and communication for maximum customer success and impact.


Work Ethic: We bring an extraordinary and tenacious work ethic to deliver services and projects on time and on budget.

Talent, Skill, & Experience: Individually we each bring proven talents, skills, and experiences in business, solution design, data science, engineering, and industry specific domains. And what we don't know yet, we actively learn!


Passion & Courage: A boundless enthusiasm and enjoyment for solving meaningful and real-world environmental, social, and industrial problems. We're all inspired by our company's mission and vision, and we enjoy what we do.



We look for individuals who are driven to transform cutting-edge science and engineering into real and useable services that will create true impact and value for our clients.

We're seeking that rare combination of technical prowess coupled with true commercial savvy, and a very real empathy for solving client problems and serving customers' needs.

We look for proactive doers who can bring enthusiasm and initiative to deliver technical project work on time, on budget, to client specification with alacrity and professionalism.

At this stage, the Earth Observation & Remote Sensing industry requires fearless pioneers with an exceptional work ethic and passion to discover, demonstrate, and prove viable business applications to push the sector forwards to a sustainable and scalable future. 


Now is the era of the Full-stack Earth Observation Professional, to pioneer commercial pathways to growth.

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