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How Rapid Satellite 3D Mapping is Helping At-Risk Island Nations Build Climate Resilience


Terrabotics worked with Jacobs Engineering (New Zealand) to rapidly and accurately survey the land topography and shallow water bathymetry around the South Tarawa and Temaiku island atoll, part of the Kiribati Pacific island nation.

Kiribati is threatened by sea-level changes, and this satellite-enabled project served to help Jacobs Engineering design and plan for climate resilience programmes for commissioned by the UN and the government of Kiribati.

The stunning results were presented to the UN and at COP25.

Explore the results for yourself here in this interactive story web map below:

Contact the Terrabotics team for all of your rapid remote surveying needs. We deploy the best in space imaging and aerial capability to routinely and rapidly reach any corner of the Earth to provide accurate, precise, and wide-area coverage of digital elevation data for less than the cost of a typical ground crew deployment:

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