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Terrabotics' Minotor™ Solution Featured in the BBC News!

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

A new BBC News series, "The Disruptors" features Terrabotics' in a recent article on the New Space race, describing how new start-ups and tech firms are disrupting the traditional space sector with low-cost rockets, launchers, satellites, and now space data analytics to open up new markets and opportunities for understanding our planet.

Read the full long format article, "The new space race by Tim Bowler", over at the BBC News website:

Read about Terrabotics' industry leading satellite-based Earth Observation and Remote Sensing analytics solution for the mining industry here:

Contact Terrabotics team at info [at] to learn more about #3Dterrainmapping #DigitalTwins #MineSurveying from Space and high precision satellite mapping.

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