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Terrabotics Launches EmissionsAnalyst™: A Revolutionary Emissions Measurement, Mapping & Monitoring Data Analytics Interface, to Track and Trace Greenhouse Gases with Satellites

Updated: Jan 11


LONDON, DECEMBER 27, 2023 - Terrabotics, a pioneering Earth Observation and Remote Sensing Data Analytics company, is proud to unveil EmissionsAnalyst™, a groundbreaking product developed as part of the  European Space Agency (ESA) and UK Space Agency co-funded Energy SCOUT™ program. This innovative solution is set to revolutionise methane emissions mapping, monitoring, measurement, and analysis by bringing together all satellite, aerial, and even ground sensing data sources in one place - finally providing industrial stakeholders with the tools they need to objectively find and fix major sources of greenhouse gas emissions effectively.

Energy SCOUTTM Intelligence Solutions enrich Earth Sensing Satellite data with energy asset information & expert domain knowledge. Intelligence Applications designed & deployed for commercial & regulatory End Users who need timely & leading insights into global Energy Supply Chains
Energy SCOUT™ program overview

The launch of EmissionsAnalyst™ comes at a pivotal moment, coinciding with the recent conclusion of COP28 in the United Arab Emirates, where the world's attention has been focused on addressing climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions - putting the reduction of unnecessary carbon dioxide and methane emissions top of the agenda.

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas, and addressing its emissions sources is crucial in the fight against climate change. EmissionsAnalyst™, through the capability of the latest satellite, aerial and ground sensing technologies, empowers users of all realms, from industrial asset managers to environmentalists, to inspect and monitor industrial assets around the world. The goal is to detect large emission events promptly, such as methane leaks or venting, to drive mitigation and accelerate attainment of global climate goals while eliminating the unnecessary waste of a precious natural resource.

The key strength of EmissionsAnalyst™ lies in its unparalleled collection of methane and carbon dioxide plume data. Terrabotics has curated the most extensive database, currently more than 15,000 super-emitter events from around the world, and counting. This database combines data from various sources, including leading satellite data suppliers such as GHGsat, CarbonMapper, NASA, and Copernicus satellite data, as well as aerial and ground sensing platforms and more. The integration of raw methane and carbon dioxide data from these sources allows for the most comprehensive coverage and routine emissions event tracking available.

What sets Terrabotics apart is not just its diverse data collection but also its expert-led enrichment of satellite-detected emission events with real industrial asset information. This contextualisation is made possible by Terrabotics' expert team, who possess unrivalled domain knowledge in satellite image interpretation for energy, mining and related industries, accrued from years of operations in these sectors. Furthermore, the Energy SCOUT program has established a foundation of routine mapping and monitoring of oil and gas assets and infrastructure around the world, contributing a uniquely up-to-date and detailed map of likely and potential greenhouse gas emissions sources. This blend of data and industry knowledge affords Terrabotics a significant advantage to enable the delivery of meaningful decision-making for industrial end-users.

In this vein, EmissionsAnalyst™ delivers enriched methane and carbon dioxide plume data, measured from around the world, through Terrabotics’ powerful GPU-accelerated geospatial database and advanced analytics dashboard and mapping platform. This revolutionary platform can analyse and stream billions of information points directly to users' browsers, providing them with unrivalled plume hunting capability and the ability to extract actionable insights, all at their finger tips.

"We are absolutely delighted to introduce EmissionsAnalyst™ as part of our pioneering Energy SCOUT program," said Dr Gareth Morgan, CEO of Terrabotics. "Our mission is to empower industrial stakeholders and environmental advocates with the tools they need to find and then fix major emitters, making a real impact in reducing overall methane emissions and more. With our unique combination of data, expert domain knowledge, and advanced analytics, we believe EmissionsAnalyst™ will play a crucial role in enabling a more information-driven and intelligent path to help industries achieve net-zero goals"

Terrabotics invites partners and stakeholders from industrial corporates, regulatory bodies, NGOs, IGOs, and more to explore EmissionsAnalyst™ and join the effort to eliminate unnecessary and avoidable greenhouse gas emissions.

Join us on our missions to track and trace greenhouse gases with satellites, aircraft, and terrestrial sensors, at scale!

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About Terrabotics

Terrabotics is a leading Earth Observation and Remote Sensing Data Analytics company specialising in delivering data-driven solutions for the Natural Resources sectors. With a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, Terrabotics empowers industries to make informed decisions, optimise operations, and enhance environmental stewardship through advanced analytics and AI-driven solutions.

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