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Terrabotics Secures New Funding from ESA and UK Space Agency to Enhance Energy SCOUT™ Project


EDINBURGH, DECEMBER 4, 2023 - Terrabotics, a leading Earth Observation and Remote Sensing Data Analytics company, is thrilled to announce that it has been awarded extended co-funding from the European Space Agency (ESA) and the UK Space Agency to advance its pioneering Earth Observation and Energy Data Analytics solutions under the "Energy SCOUT: Energy Supply Chain Observation & Understanding Tools" project.

Energy SCOUTTM Intelligence Solutions enrich Earth Sensing Satellite data with energy asset information & expert domain knowledge. Intelligence Applications designed & deployed for commercial & regulatory End Users who need timely & leading insights into global Energy Supply Chains
Energy SCOUT™ program overview

Building upon the successful phases of product development, which received support from ESA Business Applications kick-start and Scottish Enterprise, Terrabotics has introduced commercial Energy Intelligence-as-a-Service applications. These applications, driven by satellite Earth Observation and Remote Sensing technologies, empower stakeholders throughout the energy supply chain with increased transparency, timely insights, and unique leading indicators.

Energy SCOUT utilises Earth observation data to address key challenges faced by the energy industry. Through satellite imagery and advanced analytics, the program empowers energy industry stakeholders to optimise site selection, monitor infrastructure, and improve environmental sustainability. This not only leads to more efficient operations but also contributes to a reduced environmental impact.

The Energy SCOUT™ project aligns with Terrabotics' core mission: to empower energy sector professionals to achieve greater transparency, efficiency, and sustainability in responsibly managing the world's vital energy resources. This is achieved by delivering timely and exclusive insights that aid in meeting regulatory reporting requirements, providing assurance, benchmarking, and equipping operations with a competitive edge.

Terrabotics excels in the transformation of raw remotely sensed satellite data, sourced from a variety of channels, into contextualised information. This process involves blending and enrichment of satellite-derived information with energy asset data and expert energy industry domain knowledge to generate highly valuable and actionable intelligence feeds.

With the renewed support from ESA and the UK Space Agency, Terrabotics is poised to further enhance and expand the capabilities of the Energy SCOUT program. This funding injection will play a pivotal role in advancing the program's mission to provide transformative solutions to the energy sector.

Specifically, this new phase of product development will focus on accelerating the commercial launch of the pioneering EmissionsAnalyst™ module. This module represents a significant stride toward delivering the very first comprehensive and fully integrated global-to-local greenhouse gas emissions mapping, monitoring, and measurement geospatial analytics platform. It aims to provide unparalleled transparency in emissions management, at scale, by bringing together the most comprehensive collection of asset-contextualised methane plume detections via satellite, aerial, and ground sensing platforms, delivered to a wide array of users in a powerful gpu-accelerated user interface.

"We are thrilled to receive continued co-funding from the European Space Agency and the UK Space Agency for our Energy SCOUT programme," said Dr Gareth Morgan, CEO of Terrabotics. "This new funding reaffirms our mission to revolutionise the energy industry with objective and independent data-driven solutions."

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About Terrabotics

Terrabotics is a leading Earth Observation and Remote Sensing Data Analytics company specialising in delivering data-driven solutions for the Natural Resources sectors. With a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, Terrabotics empowers industries to make informed decisions, optimise operations, and enhance environmental stewardship through advanced analytics and AI-driven solutions.

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